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How to Reach Top Mexican Investors

We are living a global moment of change in marketing. A big part of these changes are commercial communications. Industries need a custom strategy to reach their target audience.

When marketing executives determine they need a global or a focused strategy, what they really needed is an agency with the right knowledge and that specializes in reaching the right target audience. This is now possible thanks to a new agency that offers all these services in United States. When you want to reach the Hispanic market, EG&A Direct International Inc. is the answer.

Luis Escobar, President of EG&A Direct International Inc., comments that this business counts on the strenght of direct marketing, but also has indepth knowledge about the Hispanic market in the United States. EG&A is one of the businesses leaders in integrated communications in Mexico.

EG&A’s strength is in its infrastructure and resources, including call center, databases (with more than 7 million names), mailing house, offices in Mexico and, more than 40 employees caring for the brands they represent. This makes EG&A a very strong partner when you want to reach the vast Hispanic market.

"Our office in San Antonio is a commercial office and customer service because our operation concentrates in Mexico, taking the advantage of the talent of the mexican strategists, creative and technicians meaning an efficient solution integrated of marketing specialized in the hispanic market, because we are hispanic natives, we include the sufficient experience and the necessary relations in marketing to be able to develop any”, indicate Escobar.

Finally, to emphasize the mission of EG&A Direct International Inc. is to offer the hispanic market in the United States integral services of communications focused to satisfy mainly its strategic needs and the conformation of a base of information of the hispanic market, in order to analyze the commercial and economic potentials of this sector.

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